Badkonake sefid

All back off.
It will be fine.
Don't you persist.
Gentlemen, pay your attention...
Come to check whether...
:25:14 the snake let him take away the money.
Do I look like a liar?
A weather-beaten old man like me?
You people hold on for a second.
Come and check whether I am the one lying.
What are you going to do now?

You people always refuse to listen to me.
What about our supper?
Where is the money for the food?
That explains why your
pockets always remain empty.

You don't want to keep her money?
Can't you see she is crying?
Not her money, it's her mum's.
You got small child here.
Snake likes your money.
You see, it won't let it go.
Unless it couldn't see the money.
I am not lying to you.
Little angel, tell me the truth.
Are you afraid of snake?

It doesn't has teeth.
For tak e care of my family...
...I will only let you see.
Not even has one tooth.

Don't be scared.
In order to do so,
I will drop him into the ba g.

Wipe you tears.
Everything has been set.

Never allow anybody retreat
from my performance crying.

Come on, laugh.
I give you back the money.

Very good.
This is your money.
Now you go.
May God bless you.