Badkonake sefid

Ma'am, what do you need?
Go back to search.
Stop crying now!
There is no way she can
find back her money.

She has done it. Nobody would
pa y much attention on the floor...

...even golds are spreaded of everywhere.
Come, wipe off those tears.
Go back to places you came
from, it might can be found.

What's wrong, darlin?
Why are you weeping?

I was going to buy a fish,
but then I lost the money.

I will buy you one.

Where did you lost it?
Where did come from?

Track down those original roads,
it will be found. No more crying.

Let's go.
You still here.
Still haven't found your money?
Poor child. What a pity. Where do you live?
Go straight from here. I will go with you.
Can you pick up the memory and try to
remember the place you lost the money?

D id you pass here?
Passed through that snake-master?
Where is your fish bowl? Why
don't you bring it with you?

I left it in the store.
For what?

Until I get that fish...
I don't want that fish bowl.
I have to stop at here.
Here? Why do you come to here?
You are not supposed to be here.
This is not a place you ought to come.
Have you seen...