Badkonake sefid

Now where is the money?
You fool, there is no way
we can get that money out.

What are we going to do?
Must try.
How so?
Whose store is over there?
Owner is the one beside the tree.
Which one?
The one who is leaning on it.
He is the one just quarrelled.
I couldn't stand with a teenager.
He keeps telling me how small his head is.
How big his collar is and
how unsuitable that is.

What am I got to do with that?
Calm down. Ha v e some water.
Here. Have a cigarette.
He has a similar age with your son.
Rather not to do so...
Maybe you should help him fix a bit.
Not my fault to let him has a small head.
He can adjust by himself.
He asked for all of these.
Two years a go,
I made an exactly same one, too.
Last year he was with the army...

he could have stayed there...
no white but not very tidy, either.
Please, you have to make the shirt like this!
Please, you have to make the shirt like this!

Needless to remember who you were.
Where were you from.