Badkonake sefid

It's unnecessary.
Something that shouldn't occurred
from the first place occurred.

I dumped my anxiety.
But I didn't feel proud for myself, either.
Mister, my money.
You are still here?
We should go now.
Mr. Ali

I feel really sorry for this trouble. Good-bye.
Where are you going?
Don't you leave here yet.

You have done with the blue T-shirt?

The store next to this one is yours, too?
No, others.

Can I go now?
All solved.
You have finished everything?

Where are you going?
Go back to my hometown.

Don't forget bring me back gifts.
Can I have my money back?
Here you have some candies and
two T-shirts. Happy New Year.

Come back within a week,
don't you forget that.

If there is no other things I want to go out.
I will be back until one.
Ok, but don't go too long. We
still have plenty of workload.

I will come back on time.
Bye Now.
See you.

What can I get you?
My money.

This is not my store.
Shopkeeper went for a trip.

Come get your money after the New Year.