Badkonake sefid

It's the next door. The girl marked it.
She is my sister.
What do you want me to do?

Can't you get the money out?
I am not the shopkeeper.

Is Hussein in Teheran?
No way.

The one you know.
He left this city.
His wife always obeys him.
I am pretty sure he has left.
But don't you worry.
Your money.
Now you go home.
Come back pick up the money in next week.
You have to understand...
forget it, what am I going to do?
What do you crave most?
My money.

I don't have keys for the store.
Come back next week.
Mr. Ali...
I have to go serve customers now.
You will recognize in somewhere,
something is not right.
All right, if you still insist on.

Thanks for your help.
See you later.

What should we do?
No idea.

How am I supposed to know?
Store is closed.
Shopkeeper went for a trip.

You people come back in the next week.
You people just leave.
Technically, only got 42 minutes...
...20 seconds...