Badkonake sefid

Try from the fence.
What are you doing?
I don't even know.
You will never reach there like this!
Give it to me, let me try.
There is no way.
This is to dredge the
lock, not for stuff like this.

Only if we can twist it like that...
Can it be done like that?

It surely can't.
Not suited for this.
You come back within a week.
The money will still be there.
Couple of more days will be his
decease's one year anniversary, isn't it?

But I still can't go yet
I will go after tomorrow.
Isn't it too late?
No, time is just right.

Let's go, children.
You people don't stick a round here anymore.
It will cause attention.

I will get busy once the holiday is over.
I will go to find the shopkeeper.
Money won't be lost.
No one can take it out.

Your parents will be anxious.
We ought to ask for an address.
What kind of address?