Badkonake sefid

But... I know where is the shopkeeper.
He is living on the street
that your brother is going to.

But he isn't going to not
visit that shopkeeper,
you know why?

Because the shopkeeper is not at home.
M y wife's sister invited him
to go there and have fun.

Your wife's sister?
If he wasn't there yet, then
must be on his way now.

Ha rd to say, because...
M y wife's sister lives 800
miles away from here.

You know...
M y own sister is similar as your age now.
You almost turned 5, right?
Where did you get that? I am 7 already!
My sister is five. Similar as you,
but haven't been to school y et.

You were wrong again, I am 7,
already prepared to go to school

I just started...
M y grades are remarkable.
Now what are you going to talk to me?
My other sister has entered third grade.
She has remarkable grades, too.
Although hasn't joined school yet, looks
like you are elder than most of those 5s.

What do you want to say?
My two sisters...
One is younger than you;
the other one is elder than you.

really miss them.
If you miss them this much,
why don't just go back?

They live far far away.

You are
One of my dad's friends is from there, too.