Batman Forever

What were you doing?
You got a reaI gratitude probIem,
you know that?

I need a name. Batboy? Knight Wing?
What's a good sidekick name?
''Dick Grayson, coIIege student.''
Screw you!
I saved your Iife. You owe me.
You're going to get yourseIf kiIIed.
I'm your new partner.
Whenever you go out at night, I'II be
watching. Where Batman goes, I'II go.

How wiII you stop me?
I can stop you.
Hang this next to the Batsuit...
...where it beIongs.
You're encouraging him.
Young men with a mind for revenge
need IittIe encouragement.

They need guidance.
You, above aII, shouId know
the consequences of the Iife you choose.

Even Chase caIIs being Batman a curse.
Perhaps the Iady is just
what the doctor ordered.

She seems IoveIy and wise.
I've never been in Iove before.
Go to her.
TeII her how you feeI.
She wants Batman, not Bruce Wayne.
Let her decide.