Before Sunrise

-Its exhausting
-Yeah, I bet

Really exhausting
-I think this is Vienna

-You get off here, no?
-Yeah, what a drag

I wish I had met you earlier, you know, I really like talking to you
Yeah, me too
It was really nice to meet you
Alright, I have an admittedly insane idea, but if I don't ask you this
its just, uh, you know, its gonna haunt me the rest of my life

Um... I want to keep talking to you, y'know.
I have no idea what your situation is, but, uh,

but I feel like we have some kind of, uh, connection. Right?
Yeah, me too.
Yeah, right,
-well, great. So listen, so here's the deal. This is what we should do.
You should get off the train with me here in Vienna, and come check out the capital.

Come on. It'll be fun. Come on
What would we do?
Umm, I don't know. All I know is I have to catch an
Austrian Airlines flight tomorrow morning at 9:30

and I don't really have enough money for a hotel,
so I was just going to walk around,

and it would be a lot more fun if you came with me
And if I turn out to be some kind of psycho, you know,
you just get on the next train.

Alright, alright. Think of it like this
jump ahead, ten, twenty years, okay, and you're married
Only your marriage doesn't have that
same energy that it used to have, y'know

You start to blame your husband
You start to think about all those guys you've met in your life
and what might have happened if you'd
picked up with one of them, right?