Are they?
The trouble with Scotland
is that it's full of Scots.

Perhaps the time has come
to re-institute
an old custom.

Grant them prima noctes.
First night.
When any common girl inhabiting
their lands is married,

our nobles shall have
sexual rights to her

on the night
of her wedding.

If we can't get them out,
we'll breed them out.

That should fetch
just the kind of lords

we want to Scotland,
taxes or no taxes, huh?
A most excellent
idea, sire.

Is it?
Now in Edinburgh gathered
the Council of Scottish nobles.

Among these was Robert
the 17th earl of Bruce,

the leading contender
for the crown of Scotland.

Ah, I hear that Longshanks
has granted prima noctes.

Clearly meant to draw more
of his supporters here.

My father believes
that we must

Lull Longshanks
into our confidence

by neither supporting his decree
nor opposing it.

A wise plan.
And how is your father?
We missed him at the Council.

His affairs in France
keep him long overdue.

But he sends his greetings,
and he says that I speak
for all of the Bruces