No, he did not.
Then why does he stay?
My scouts tell me that
he has not advanced.

He waits for you at York.
He says he will attack
no more towns or cities

if you are man enough
to come and face him.

Did he?
The Welsh bowmen
will not be detected

arriving so far
around his flank.

The main force
of our armies from France

will land here
to the north of Edinburgh.
Conscripts from Ireland will
approach from the southwest...

to here.
Welsh bowmen? Troops from France?
Irish conscripts?

Even if you
dispatch them today,

they'd take weeks
to assemble.

I dispatched them
before I sent your wife.

So our little ruse

Thank you.
And while
this upstart

awaits my arrival
in York,

my forces will have arrived
in Edinburgh behind him.

You spoke with this,
uh, Wallace in private.

Tell me...
what kind of man
is he?

A mindless barbarian.
Not a king like you,
my lord.

You may return
to your embroidery.

Humbly, my lord.
You brought back the money,
of course.

No. I gave it
to ease the suffering

of the children
of this war.

[Laughing And Coughing]
That's what happens
when you send a woman.

Forgive me, sire.
I thought that generosity
might demonstrate
your greatness

to those
you mean to rule.