It's true! English ships
are moving up from the south!

I don't know about
the Welsh yet,

but the Irish
have landed!

I had to see it
before I could believe it.

Why are the Irish
fighting with the English?

I wouldn't worry
about them.

Didn't I tell you before?
It's my island.

Hamish, ride ahead
to Edinburgh

and assemble
the Council.

Order it.
Your island?
My island! Yup!
You want to negotiate?
No, please,

Craig is right!

This time
our only option

is to negotiate.
Unless you want to see Edinburgh
razed to the ground--

My army has marched
for more days

than I can remember,
and we still have
preparations to make,

so I'll make this plain.
We require every soldier
you can summon--

your personal escorts,
even yourselves--

and we need them now.
With such a force
arrayed against us,

it's time to discuss
other options.

Other options?
Don't you wish at least
to lead your men

onto the field
and barter a better deal
with Longshanks

before you tuck tail
and run?

Sir William--
We can't defeat
this army!

We can!
And we will!
We won at Stirling...
and still you quibble!

We won at York,
and you would not support us.

if you'll not
stand up with us now,

then I say
you're cowards.

And if you're Scotsmen,
I'm ashamed
to call myself one.

Please, Sir William,
speak with me alone.