I beg you.
Now, you've achieved more
than anyone ever dreamed,

but fighting
these odds,

it looks like rage,
not courage.

It's well beyond rage.
Help me.
In the name of Christ,
help yourselves!

Now is our chance. Now.
If we join, we can win.
If we win, we'll have
what none of us ever had before--

a country of our own.
You're the rightful leader.
And there is strength in you,
I see it.

Unite us.
Unite us!
Unite the clans.
All right.
This cannot be the way.
You said yourself- -
the nobles will not
support Wallace.

So how did it help us
to join the side
that is slaughtered?

I gave him my word.
I know it is hard.
Being a leader is.
But, son... son...
Look at me.
I cannot be king.
You and you alone
can rule Scotland.

What I tell you,
you must do.

Not for me,
not for yourself,

for your country.