His legend grows.
It will be worse
than before.

He rallies new volunteers
in every Scottish town,

and when he replenishes
his numbers--

They're sheep!
Mere sheep!

Easily dispersed
if we strike the shepherd.

Very well.
Pick a flock
of your finest assassins

and set a meeting.
My lord, Wallace
is renowned

for his ability
to smell an ambush.

If what Lord Hamilton tells me
is correct,

he warmed to
our future queen.

He would trust her.
So we'll dispatch her
with the notion

that she comes in peace.
My lord, the princess
might be taken hostage

or her life
be put in jeopardy.

Oh, my son would be
most distressed by that.

Uh, but in truth,
if she were to be killed,

we would soon find
the king of France

a useful ally
against the Scots.

You see, as king,
you must find the good
in any situation.