- What a smile.
- Darryl, you've outdone Willie Mays.

You got my vote for MVP.
Another stain on the sidewalk, huh?
(Detective ) Get a pail and a mop.
Get it over with.

One, two, three.
All right. Show's over!
Officers, send 'em home!

- See ya, Hal.
- Take care.

Yo, Moe, don't make me have to come
back for those fuckin' prints!

- What you cursin' about?
- I'm sorry.

Beep beep.
Excuse me.
All right. I won't do it gain.
(Man) I'm outta here, man.
- Got 50 bucks?
- Nah, man.

Well, all I find, all I keep.
Don't be lookin' at me
in the eye, nigger.

Your ass will be on this mural, too.
I know that look.

See, you wonderin' how
I got that AIDS, ain't ya?

- Nah, man.
- You a lyin' motherfucker!

It wasn't from fuckin'
with them punks.

I ain't no homosexual.
No, man, I ain't say
all that, all right?

Fuckin' with this shit.
I can't believe I got this shit.
All this time
in these motherfuckin' streets!

And I'm a smart motherfucker.
I know I should've
left that shit alone.

One time I was studyin'
to be an accountant.

Now this shit is fuckin' my body up.
I have a goddam death sentence.

That's why I don't
give a shit about nobody.

And I don't wanna
see your ass no more!

Cos you ain't got no business
out here fuckin' with this shit.