Is that Nintendo or Sega?
- Sega.
- What's it called?

- "Gangsta."
- Whatever happened to Tiddlywinks?

Rocco, don't you know this is
the new sensation across the nation?

- Where you goin'?
- My friend's house.

Everybody wants
to be a gangsta, right?

Yeah, you like that, right?
You like lookin' at that, right?

- Wanna know how much it costs.
- I know that.

Yeah, I'm sure.
Probably want to buy one, right?

How you know I don't got one?
- Why did he have that gun?
- Everybody has one.

- Does he drink a lot?
- He only drank at night.

That makes two of us.
- How about drugs?
- He's clean as the Board of Health.

Did he have
any new friends recently?

- Hangin' out with any new people?
- Not that I know of.

You must be thinking of Ronald,
but he hasn't lived here in a while.

- He's quite the athlete.
- Yes.

- You boys must be proud of your dad.
- (Both) Yes.

I'll bet. Something's not right.
When I'm workin' on something,
I gotta make it right.

These are my two sons,
Victor and Ronald.

Victor's a hard-working,
handsome young man.

He doesn't lie. If he said it was
self-defence, it was self-defence.

Why don't you believe him?
(Rocco ) Do you mind
if I borrow these?

I have to go around and retrace
his steps the other night,

- and I'd rather not show a mug shot.
- Sure.

(Rocco ) You be good boys.
Take care of your mother.

- Strike.
- You know him?

He's an arrogant piece of shit.
Comes into my store all the time
like he craps beige.

He used to work with Rodney
last year in his store, with Darryl.

Now he runs the crew on the benches.
Clocks for Rodney just like Darryl.
Let's bring him in.

- What up, man?
- They went to the ninth floor.

Shit! I knew it.
- Did they say anything?
- Asked me about "Gangsta".