(All talking, Strike coughing)
Strike! Strike! You smokin' crack,
motherfucker, huh?

Get the fuck up!
(All shouting)
Get an ambulance, man!
Let's get an ambulance!

(Man) Let's get him the hell
outta here.

He'll be all right. He'll be fine.
Watch it, guys.

(Paramedics) One, two, three.
Let's go!

Here you go. It's all right, man.
- Hit that pipe today?
- Dice that shit. He don't use.

Anyone ever tell you not to do drugs?
Where do you live?

(Andre ) I'll give you that.
Just get him to hospital.

(Woman) Welcome to Ahab's.
May I take your order, please?

(Man) Yes,
we need a Double Whaler on a bun.

(Woman) 'With cheese?'
Yes, with cheese.
A fried shrimp boat.

'One fried shrimp boat.'
- Two.
- Yeah, two.

'Two fried shrimp...'
Uh, could I please get my
Captain Ahab with a clam roll?.

- Captain Ahab, Captain...
- What's up, boys?

Hey, it's a nice car you got.
- Yeah, it's my dad's car.
- How ya doin'?

Power windows,
air bags, cellular phone.

Bet he paid a pretty penny for this.
Oh, yeah. We were lookin'
for the Short Hills Mall.

- It's not here.
- No?

Come down from Connecticut
just to buy some whiting?

Some golf balls.
You buy anything else around here
I should know about?

- Some gum.
- No.

You like soul food?
Can't say I do.
- You like to wear lipstick?
- Todd, why don't we get outta here?

McCauley does
in the back...occasionally.

- You like skirts?
- Something we did wrong?

- You ever suck a black man's dick?
- Let's get outta here!

A big, 16-inch tar baby?
- No?
- No.

If I toss this car and I find any
drugs, I got 12 baboons in a cage

who are gonna be callin'
you boys Mary all night.

- Come on, Todd.
- Shut up, man!

- Who's got the drugs?
- We don't have anything.

- You got five seconds.
- Todd's got the drugs!