Dead Presidents

It's for you.
Oh, man. Whoa!
- Hey, thanks, Kirby.
- Ain't nothin' to thank me for.

- You earned it.
- Oh. Twenties.

Hey, kid, you wanna take
a little run with me?

Yeah, I'll take
a little run with you.

Say, uh, Kirby, where we goin'?
Like I told you,
just a little run.

A run. Okay. All right.
- Wanna drive, kid?
- Who, me?

No, not "me."
You, motherfucker.

Well, Kirby,
I don't have my licence yet.

Aw, shit. Fuck the dumb shit.
You wanna drive or what?

Yeah. All right, I'll drive.

- Pull over here.
- All right.

Come on. Come on.
What you call her, Nellie?
Come on, Nellie.

I call this bitch
whatever I wanna call her.

Listen here.
Keep that motor runnin'.

- I'll just be a minute here.
- Yeah, all right.

- Stop messin' with my gold!
- Wait a minute!
- How many times I gotta tell you?

I ain't no motherfuckin'
play toy! I'll kick your ass!