Dead Presidents

- Boy just got back.
- Hey, blood.
- All right.

- Cheers. My man. Drink!
- All right. How you feel? All right.

Hey, what's goin' on?
Hey, I got next game.

- You know that's my table.
- You call that a break?

- I got the thing made
- Hold up there, now. It's my shot.

Say, chump.
Don't I know you from somewhere?

- Ha-ha!
- My man, Joe! What's happenin'?

- Oh, look at you!
- How you doin', man?

- Good, man. What's goin' on, man?
- Jesus Christ, man.

- I can't believe it's you!
You cool, man!
- What's goin' on, man?

Say, man,
I heard you got wounded out there.

Yeah, man. I was in demolitions
and my fuckin' hand gets blown off, man.

- Oh, man. Shit.
- Yeah, man. But hey...

motherfuckers told me everything there
is to know about explosives, man!

- That right?
- Check you out, Pappy.
You got all those kids now.

Man, hey. You gotta check out Kirby,
man. He's over in the back room.

Yeah. Let's go on back.
He's still back here, huh?

- All right. Dig it.
- Hey. Abre la puerta! Hey! Hey!

Doin' all right. You know, Kirby just
all hangin' in there, you know?

- Who the fuck is it?
- It's me.

Blood! What's up, blood?
- Hey, Nicky. What's happenin', man?
- Skin!

Kirby back there, man.
That boy looked at me,
he say, "Kirby...

when she pulled off them drawers,
I thought I'd never stop seein' ass!"

- What's happenin', Captain?
- Who the fuck is that?

- Youngblood?
- Yeah, it's me!

Youngblood! Come on, boy!
- How you doin'? Come on
in the back here, boy. Come on.
- Oh, boy. All right.

Man, I been everywhere
lookin' for a gig.

Aw, motherfuckers forget about you
gettin' your ass almost blown off...

or whatever the fuck.
Yeah. Look, uh, Kirby, uh...
I was thinkin', man.
Maybe, uh, come back and work for you.

What? Work for me?