Dead Presidents

- What you got when you get
back here, huh?
- Yeah

- Never do any damn thing
- Not a goddam thing.

Course, you do got
that fine-ass Juanita.

- Throw me out
- Now, what the fuck you lookin' at me
like that for, man?

I'm just complimentin' you
on your taste.

Throw me away
You had all the rage

- You had me down
- Course you know...

- That's the facts
- Baddest motherfucker this side
of Nicky Barnes...

- Now, you punk
- My boss man Cutty...

Gettin' ready for the big payback
I thought that might ring a bell.
The big payback
That's where I learned

He used to tap that ass
while you was over in Nam.

- The big payback
- Motherfucker!

- Goddam!
- You do some fuckin' talkin',
don't you, goddam it!

Try this on, motherfucker.
- No, no, no. He needs his ass whipped.
- What you mean "no"?

Get the fuck outta here!
Talk shit now, huh, motherfucker?

- Shut the fuck up. Come on. Come on.
Motherfucker. Now what?
- I'm ready to be respected

You wanna fuck with me or what?
I'm gonna fuckin' kill your ass!

- Say somethin' now, motherfucker.
- That's enough, youngblood.

- Pull out your goddam knife!
- No! That's enough. Come on!

- I gonna kill this motherfucker!
- That's enough!

That mother! I'm gonna kill
this motherfucker!

- Let me go, Kirby! Let me go!
- No. He's already beat up. Come on now.

- Oh, shit.
- Come on. Let's go get some air.

Don't need no fuckin' air!
Let me go!

- Let me hit him, hit him, hit him
- That's game.

Gonna have the aeroplane corn bread.
Here we go.

- You gonna spoil that girl.
- Mm-hmm.

Gonna spoil that one in your belly too.
I don't need no spoiled kids.
Hey, why not?