Devil in a Blue Dress

Easy's one of a few coloured men
around here who owns his own house.

He paying the mortgage every month,
just like y'all folks.

Property owner, huh?
These big companies don't give a damn.
I got out of that racket long ago.
If you need a job,
drop by this address, 7:00.

What kind of work you do?
I do favours.
I do favours for friends.
Drop by.
Who was that?
Just somebody I know.

-Businessman, huh?
-Yeah, he is.

Ain't nothing to worry about.
When I'm told there's
nothing to worry about...

...l look to see if my fly is open.
All the way home, all I thought about
was a chance to make some money.

I first came out to Los Angeles when
I got home from the war in Europe...

... with $300 in my pocket
and the G.I. Bill.

A lot of coloured folk from Texas
and Louisiana moved to California...

... to get them goodjobs in
the shipyards and aircraft companies.

Now, me, myself, I was a machinist.
And the first thing I did when I saved
enough money was to buy me a house.

Man, I loved coming home to my house.
I don't know.
I guess maybe I just
loved owning something.

-I'll knock down the trees in the back.
-Leave my trees alone.

Leave my trees! Get on!