Devil in a Blue Dress

:37:01 don't know
very much about him.

Frank doesn't beat people up. He
prefers to use a knife as his weapon.

What do you prefer as your weapon?
Why not search me and find out?
Mind if I have another drink?
Help yourself.
-Listen, Mr. Rawlins--

...l called to ask you
to drive me to Todd's house.

You found me. Now I want you
to take me to Todd Carter's.

Call Todd Carter.
Have him send for you.

I have to go someplace
else on the way.

Someplace I don't want
Todd to know about.

There's a man named Richard McGee.
He lives up in Laurel Canyon.
He delivered a letter of mine
to the wrong place...

...and I must get it back.
At 4:00 in the morning?
Important letter.
Yes, it is.
But I need to go there
before I go to Todd's.

I'll pay you.
When did you talk to Coretta?
I don't know, 7:30, 8:00, I guess.
Listen, Easy, I don't want...
:38:55 talk about Coretta now.
Did you go to her house?