Dolores Claiborne

Been looking all over for you.
lt's as cold as Christmas.
What are you doing?
l couldn't sleep.
Catch your death out here.
Tell me about Plan B.
l want you to tell me
you've got a plan, Mother.

lf it's about money, it shouldn't be.
l've got my sociable security.
l can still work. l don't need much.
What you need is a lawyer.
These guys don't say ''get an attorney''
unless they mean it.

lt's you l'm worried about, Selena.
Let's not get off track here.
You're my daughter.
l know that probably feels like something
better left alone, but it's true.

You're still my Selena.
You're still my good girl.
l can't help but be worried for you.

My God, your hands.
l guess if you want to know
somebody's life...

:28:56 look at their hands.
That's what 22 years of Vera Donovan
will do to you.

Mrs. Donovan, I promise
there won't be any boys.

You're excused, Susan.
But Mrs. Donovan, please! I love--
Look on the bright side, dear.
You may not have gotten the job...
...but think what fun you'll have
telling your friends...

...what a bitch Vera Donovan is.
l've been working since l was 13 years old.
Started by housekeeping in a hotel.
By the time l left there and high school...

...l was cleaning three floors all by myself.
l took care of my father's house
after my mother passed on.

l'm married and l have a daughter.
This is a big house, but l'm a big woman,
and l think l can do a good job.

l do not pretend to be an easy woman
to work for.

This house has a number of rules.