Dolores Claiborne

...and the next and before you know it,
those sheets stretch out 20 years.

Nobody made you stay there.
-l needed the money.
-Not in the beginning, not $40 a week.

That's when l needed it the most.
Not for me, for you.
That's perfect.
So it's my fault.
You think your father cared
whether you ever got off this island?

Here we go.
l put that money...
...every week, l put it away
in your account...

...for school.
To get you out of this place,
once and for all.

Well, it worked like a charm.
Hello, ladies.
A little morning walk?
Just packing up the speed boat
so as l can make my big escape.

Something we can help you with?
We need a hair sample.
How was that?
We need a piece of your hair.
We're running some tests.

-Are you now?
-Just a strand.

l think we'll take a pass on that.
Look, Dolores...
...right now it's voluntary.
l'd appreciate it, is all.
Bring your scissors, did you?
l said we'll pass.
l'll have a warrant here this afternoon.
You want it...
:34:01 cut it.
Actually, l need to pull it.
We need the root.
Go on.
Take what you want.
l ain't doing any beauty pageants
this week.

-Anything else?
-Mother, enough.

We spoke to Sheila Jolander last night.
She said she'd heard you on more than
one occasion threaten to kill Vera Donovan.

ls that true?
lf she'd come every day instead of once
a week, she'd have heard plenty more.

-Get in the house.
-Vera, at the end...

...the way she got, it's a wonder
l didn't say it every hour.

You go ahead, Mr. Mackey.
You scribble that down in your pad there.
You make a note on that.
As long as you write down
that saying a thing and doing it...

...are two separate things.
But then, your wife probably
already told you that.

Dolores, that's enough.