Don Juan DeMarco

-Evening, Jack.

How you doing?

You're putting on
a little weight here.

You know...
you and me been going
to the same bakery.

Sorry to do this to you...
but this is a job that only
Supershrink can handle.

He's ajumper to be
reckoned with, I'm telling you.


What's the costume?
He's Don Juan.
He wishes
to end his life gloriously.


He wants us to send
our finest swordsman...

to do battle with him...

Don Francisco da Silva.


Did he actually say this?
I was up there.

I tell you.
How do you get in this?

Over here.

Are you sure
this is how Freud started?

What do I know?
I'm just the dumb cop.

You're the shrink.

Where is Don Francisco da Silva?
l will fight none other.

-Where is he?
-Don Francisco da Silva...


left for Mallorca
on this weekend...

but I am his uncle
Don Octavio del Flores.


This will not do.
I must die at the hands
of Don Francisco.

I am Don Juan DeMarco.