Don Juan DeMarco

that you grew up
in Phoenix, Arizona...

and that your father
died in a car crash.

lnteresting fantasy.

But I suppose
if it makes her happy...

it is harmless enough.
She told me your father worked
in a dry cleaning establishment.

You want me to tell you some
story like my grandmother's...

so you will think I am sane.
lfthat is what it takes
to get out ofthis place...

I will be happy to do it.
But there is a rumor...

that you are supposed
to be a psychiatrist.

I've heard that rumor, too.
Can't you tell when you meet
a woman who's completely insane?

Are you saying that
your grandmother made this up?

ln so many words, yes.
She hated my mother,
but it's not unusual...

because my grandmother
hated everybody.

So we stayed as far away
from her as possible.

ln Phoenix, Arizona.
ln Mexico.
You mean you never lived
in Phoenix, Arizona?

No, I never lived
in Phoenix, Arizona.

What about your father's death?
I have told you how
my father died, Don Octavio.


Her name is Chel--
I'm not going to take it away.

I just want to point out
her name is Chelsea Stoker.

They never use their real names.
She is really my Doña Ana.

She's trying
to teach me a lesson.

You know, l...
I once treated a young man
about your age.


And he fell in love,
oddly enough...

with a girl on a poster...
and he was very insecure
about women.



he tried to contact her.
He must have called
the magazine a hundred times...


till finally,
somebody at the magazine...