Dracula: Dead and Loving It

- Renfield.
- Master?

It is time for you to serve your master.
- Come.
- Yes, master.

Those meddling idiots.
They want to prevent me
from entering Miss Lucy's bedroom.

- I want to take...
- Wait, master.

All right, I'm listening.
They have placed garlands of garlic
around her room.

What can I do, master?
I can't leave this cell.

Do you imagine I could not
take you out of here if I wish?

That these pathetic bars could stop me?
Wait, master. I'm getting such a headache.
How dare they try to match wits with me?
Me, who has commanded
the forces of darkness.

Me, who has called forth
the demons of the night to do my bidding.

Me, who has destroyed every enemy
down through the centuries.

Renfield? I'm talking to you.
- Sorry, master.
- Come.

We have much to do,
and less time to do it in.

Renfield, hurry.
Renfield, I meant for you
to use the drain pipe.

I fly, you don't.
Yes, of course.
- Come.
- He flies, I don't.