Duo luo tian shi

...but accidents happen, your
family needs protection.

Your job involves travel.
You must think ofyour
family unit.

Would an insurance company...
...underwrite a professional
killer, l wonder?

l'd love to take up his offer...
but who do l name as beneficiary?

Remember the big bosom?
The one we both fancied?

We're getting married next week.
Here's an invitation card.

Just fill in you name, okay?
Please come, and l'll have
the insurance ready for you.

Bring your wife along, too.
See you

Ages ago l paid a black woman
$30 to pose with me for a photo.

Whenever people asked
l'd say she's my wife.

And the kid in the picture? l think
l bought him an ice cream.

l always wanted to go
to a wedding reception.

But l know it's not my scene.