Duo luo tian shi

l saw him come in.
l want the truth

That's enough Keep still
l'm a very happy man.
l was very talkative
when l was small.

But since eating an out of date can
of pineapple when l was five...

...l lost my voice.
For this reason.
l have very few friends.

l also found it diffiicult
to find a job.

So l finally decided
to be my own boss.

Having no capital,
my only option...

...was to enter shops after hours
and run my business that way.

l don't mean to take advantage,
but it's practical...

to run an all-night business.
Customers do come in at 3 a.m.
to buy meat. Business is business.

Always satisfy the needs
ofyour customer.

As the old saying goes:
'The customer is always right'.

And as the boss, l must be
kind, caring and tolerant.

One can't afford to be selfish...
...there's no such thing as a
free lunch in this world.

l always work very hard at night
- well, until very late.

l don't make a fortune,
but l'm happy.