Duo luo tian shi

l'm sure she'll come looking
for me in a couple of days.

After all, we've been partners
for a long time.

Being partners, you get to
understand each other.

Almost able to read
each other's minds.

l'd often leave her some clues...
...to trace my actions, or
my whereabouts.

After all these years.
she's become part of my life.

But nothing can remain
the same forever.

l have to tell her
that l desperately want out.

But l don't know how to start.
So, l've devised another method.
A woman may come in
asking for me.

Please give her this coin...
...and tell her that 1 81 8
is my lucky number.

1 81 8...it's the code for one of
the songs in this jukebox.

After she's listened to the song.
...she'll understand my message.