Duo luo tian shi

Oh, what the hell...
Listen to this.
l, Blondie, a.k.a. Stowaway,
behaved in an ugly & shameless way.

l'm returning Johnny Kwong to his
rightful girlfriend Charlie Young.

l hereby terminate all
relations with him.

Our signatures binding until
death. Great. You think so?

l'll make Blondie sign this.
Must get her fingerprints
and l.D. number on it.

Get her dad as a witness.
photograph them together.

You're Blondie?
You're Blondie?
Yeah, so what?
Hey, you Blondie?
l'll fucking chop you
into little pieces

They say women are
made ofwater.

So are some men.
Most folk experience first love
in their teens.

l was a bit older.
Maybe l'm too choosy.
On May 30th, 1 995...
...l fell in love for the first time.
lt was raining that night.
l looked at her...