Better think about the music.
It should touch the heart.
Find the true,
essential feeling.

I want your music to rouse
that fragment of the infinite...

that lies asleep
in their bellies.

That's what I ask of you.
Such ingratitude!
What about "Orpheus"?

"Orpheus" doesn't exist.
You'll never finish it.
I don't lack inspiration.
I lack the time!
You take all my time.
All of my time!
Rise, Signor Farinelli.
Permit the Prince ofWales
to pay you homage.

The Nobles Theater
is eternally grateful to you...

for saving its honor,
as well as the honor...

of this country's nobility.
My voice is at the service of music,
Your Highness.

Your voice...
Signor Farinelli...
attracts the most
discerning audiences.

And despite the support
of His Majesty...

you're stealing from Handel
his last remaining listeners.

Not that we're displeased!