What do you mean?
These operas Handel composes
in three weeks...

are an insult
to his audience.

- Who spread this slander?
- Rumors.

Rumors that you stop
to peddle, sir!

- Have you heard these operas, sir?
- You're joking, young lady.

That would be treason.
We never attend Covent Garden.

I have heard them. They surpass
anything one hears anywhere else.

I can't imagine Handel's work
surpasses Maestro Porpora's work.

Or that of Signor Broschi.
You're an ass, sir.
You don't deserve to have ears!

Long after posterity
has forgotten...

that you ever lived...
it will preserve Handel's name
with infinite respect.

Your conceited attitude...
is an insult
to all musicians.

I'd like to erase from my memory
this cursed day...

when I sang for you!
You're cheating, Carlo.
He always cheated.
He can't stand to lose.
Neither can I.
But I don't cheat.
I taught you how to sing,
Carlo Broschi.