First Knight

Why did you risk your life for me?
They could have killed you.

I'm not that easy to kill.
Do you know who I am?
Guinevere. I'm the Lady of Leonesse.

Well? Doesn't it please you to know
you saved the life of a lady?

- I'd be happy to save a dairy maid.
- She couldn't reward you.

If she were as pretty as you,
she could.

- What did I do?
- You insulted me.

Now I've insulted you.
How dare you treat me like this?
I take it you know no better.
You have done me a good service
and I shall forget the matter.

- Which way?
- I've never been here before.

See the scavenger birds?
They're looking for small animals
crushed by the passing wagons.

- About this reward ...
- My man will pay you.

- I don't want money.
- I'm on my way to be married.

Then you're not married yet.
You're free.

- I've given my word.
- I don't want your word.

- I want you.
- I'm not to be had for the wanting.