First Knight

No. I want to marry you.
Not your crown or your army
or your golden city. Just you.

- Just me?
- Yes. If you love me.

- Do you remember this?
- You hurt it in the hunt.

- I didn't think you'd get a scar.
- Just a scratch.

You wiped the blood away
with a sleeve of your dress.

The sleeve still carries the stain.
I never thought until then how sweet
it must be to be loved by one woman.

And for the first time in my life,
I wanted ...

- What?
- What wise men say doesn't last.

What cannot be promised, or made
to linger any more than sunlight.

But I don't want to die. without
having felt its warmth on my face.

Marry the King, Guinevere,
but love the man.

I only know one way to Love.
And that is body ... and heart ...
and soul.

I kiss the hurt
that brought me your love.

Try her.
- Shall I fetch a lady's saddle?
- No need.