Four Rooms

Yoo-hoo. Sigfried.
Oh, my God! Sigfried!
Ohh! Ohh!
Where is the fucking nitro?
Couldn't find it.
What do you mean,
you couldn't find it?

Untie me! I'll find it!
It's your fault he's so upset!
Now he's dying!

I'll get some help!
I tie a pretty good knot,
don't l, Ted?

Thank God, you're okay!
You bastard.
Aw, honey.
Don't get mad. It was just
a little test, and I'm glad that
I did it, because now I know...

you love me forever,
and deeply.
lf the simple fact that I didn't want
your bloated, dead body...

lying out on the floor is love,
then no wonder we find ourselves
as we are at this very moment.

Oh, no. I heard genuine care in your
voice. Can't be denied, can it, Ted?

I think you're right,
and if you just keep this kind
of open dialogue going,

I think you'll go a long way
to resolving this misunderstanding.

You'd be surprised what happens
if people just listen...

without succumbing
to all that pain and anger.

You heard shit, monkey boy.
Easy for you to say after you
fuck another man's wife.

You should at least have
the guts to stand behind...

your convictions.
She's lying, Sigfried.
I swear to God.

You know, when I think
of all the times you were inside me...