Where your ass need to be,

Excuse me, Brother.
What we call drugs
at 7 4th Street Baptist Church...

we call a sinny-sin-sin.
Well, around here,
between Normandie and Western...

we call this here
a little twenty-twen-twen...

Give me a little
for my cataracts.

You didn´t put in on this.
lt´s better to give
than receive.

Look. She bendin´ over.
Lord have mercy.
The Lord is my shepherd.
He know what l want.

Excuse me.
Mrs. Parker?
Told you.
The weed be lettin´ you know...
evil lurks.

Hector almost hit his nasty ass.
What´s up?
Fuck you.
Why you don´t like Hector?
Remember l was smoking weed
with that fool one day?

You decided to smoke
with the big boys, eh?

You ain´t showin´ me
nothin´ new, ese.

Shut up and take a hit.
Smoke Dog, baby.
Remember that shit.

Been smoking since l was two.
Take it easy, holmes.
l know what l´m doing.
Shut the fuck up.
Yo, homestead.
Take it easy, ese.

What´s this?
lt´s angel dust.
l hit it real hard, right?
As soon as he said that,
l started feeling funny as hell.