l´m gonna be here 10:00
on the dot.

Not 10:03. Not 10:36.
lf you ain´t got my money
or bud, l´m killin´ you and him.

You gonna kill me?
Get the fuck out of my face.
Can l have my chili fritos?
You can´t have shit.
l´m closed, fat boy.

Then give me my money back.
My money.
l hate him.
What´d he say?
He just said for us
to pay him at 10:00.

What you mean "us"?
That fool
ain´t gonna do nothin´.

l know you didn´t tell--
What you doin´?
What´s up?
What´d you tell him?
l told him we were smokin´,
and that we were chillin´.

You were smokin´!
l smoked half a little piece
of joint with you.

That fool
ain´t gonna do nothin´.

What´d he say?
lf we don´t pay him by 10:00,
he gonna bust a cap in us.

We need to pay him. He crazy!
Let´s stick together.

l can´t believe
you got me in the mix!

l didn´t make you
smoke that joint.

Might as well.
"Come on.
Stimulate your mind.

"lt´s Friday.
l´m gonna get you high."

Why you bringin´ up old shit?
l could knock--
l left my purse in your house.
Can l get it?

Come on.