Funny Bones

- You must be Mrs Parker.
- I was married to Bruno.

But I'm no longer Mrs Parker.
This is Toast.

Jack, my darling.
You can come down now.

Mr Parker.
Your brother doesn't seem to speak.
Is that right?

- He's depressed.
- How long has he been depressed?

- When did he last speak?
- Twelve years ago.

I gather you're in the business
yourself. A comedian?

Sort of.
And you're prepared to pay money
to see comedy material in Blackpool?

- You bet.
- Actual cash?

Bingo. I'm serious.
Everything I see, I pay to see.

£50 for a look.
If I buy, that's where you step in.

I never thought of it as
such a competitive business.

Well, it is.
- What do you want to see?
- Whatever's funny in Blackpool.

Old routines, funny routines,
funny people.

- No jokes.

I'm looking for another way.
Jokes I've paid for. It doesn't work.