Just Cause

You want my money,
best throw some elbow into that.

$1.50. That's 2-bits shy a car wash.
$1.50 each.
No, man. You must have got me confused
with some other idiot.

The rain's doing half your work.
Look here.
Bobby Earl, the cultured pearl.
What's up, Gomer?
Boys, take a break.
Bobby Earl, we got to talk.
-I said quit!
-Talk about what?

Take a ride.
-A ride.

It's Wilcox.
I need a tech team at Ferguson's place.
What kind of car is that?
Leave him be!
You cracker son of a bitch!
-I should lock you up!
-Grandma, go inside.

-Can't you just leave him be?
-I'm all right, Grandma.

It's all right.
I'll be back before supper.
Grandma, why are they taking Bobby Earl?