Kiss of Death

When'd you buy these? They're beautiful.
Bed sheets.
- So where are the drapes? On your bed?
- Gotta try to find the second life in things.

- How's your school?
- Good. Hard.

- l would love to go back.
- So go!

l think it's a little late in the game, no?
School would be a piece of cake
compared to what you've been through.

Thank God for this one, huh?
She saved our lives, this little girl.
She really did.

- How you doin', Rosie?
- Hi, Jimmy.

Hey, little girl.
Hey, little girl. Big girl.
- What's up?
- Rosie's gonna sit for Corinna, study here.

- Tonight?
- Yeah, we got the meeting.

l caught the one by work. The nooner.
We were supposed to go tonight.
Yeah, but l gotta go to Albany tomorrow.
l gotta check out that body shop.

l think it's better when we go together,
don't you?

Jimmy fucked up?