Kiss of Death

l hear you're comin' up
for parole review next week.

l also hear you've been a pretty good guy.
That's great.

Whaddaya want?
Did you ever hear of an asshole
by the name of Little Junior Brown?

What about him?
Little Junior...
His old man, Big Junior?
He's in the hospital. He ain't comin' out.
So it looks like Little Junior's
movin' up in the world.

Big Junior.
That's one ofthose expressions like...
jumbo shrimp.

Listen to me.
l am not goin' back to that.
l am not rattin' on anybody else.

What's done is done.
You can't make me do shit.

We never swung the hammer on you
for the Astro job.

Get the indictment on me.
Look, all l got to say to you...

:41:13 how you already cooperated with us
ratting out the others,...

..and here we are droppin' it on you anyhow
because you won't do any more ratting.

You know what? You're right.
Forget it.
We probably won't get the indictment.

And you'll be out on the street.
A free man.
How long do you think you're gonna
last out there once the word gets out?

Are you a man of honour?
See, let me tell you.
All l want now is what l had in my life
before all the fuckers came through the door -