La Petite mort

Yeah, you're right.
It was a big drag, too hot out.

It's nicer in bed with Martial.
Here you go again...
Not at all!
I understand!
Dad never could stand you,

he thought you were ajerk.
Why spend a boring day
with your bourgeois family?

After all, they hate gays!
Speaking of which,
I bet your boyfriend's a good lay.

You wear me out, Camille.
Don't make a scene.

Who's making a scene?
I'm just fine, no problem.

You've got the problem.
Look at you. For 10 years you've
sulked like a misunderstood martyr.

Give it a rest for once.
Talk to me.
There's nothing to say.
You're delirious.

I'm delirious!
Am I the nutcase who photographed
my naked father on his deathbed?

I know you won't talk to me,
and you don't want to listen.

But let me tell you...
you aren't the only one who hurts.
It's been hard for me, too.
Working with him was good.
I was happy, but sometimes...

I thought I would suffocate.
I thought about you a lot.
I admired you so much. You broke
the ties, created your own life.

You're free.
You seem happy with Martial.
He loves you.
But my love life!
It's just one big fiasco.
Pretty dumb, huh?