is founded at Tirana.
ApriI 29th: the AIbanese Council
decides union of both Armies.
After the union of Armed Forces,
other joint initiatives follow.
Courts are organised,
schools and hospitals founded.
RuraI health centres are created
to help peasants fight malaria.
There is Iand-drainage and roads,
housing for the peasants,
and at Iast, thanks to ltaIy
among the robust Albanians
civilization takes its place.
The landing at Durazzo
and the arrivaI of the Duce's men
who find throughout Albania
a most cordiaI and enthusiastic
welcome from the people,
awe-struck by the martiaI presence
of the Duce's guards.
Setting off immediately for Tirana
Ciano, the Foreign Secretary
is greeted with enthusiasm
as representative
of the great nation which ended
the misgovernment of King Zog
and the poverty of the people.
An account
which was waiting to be settled.
Italy, Italy, you are the world!