Our music is good,
also the singer.

Have fun.
- How long has he been missing?
- I'm sure he had dinner last night.

- After that I don't know.
- What?

We left him in your care.
He can hardly walk, you were
supposed to look after him.

Please, keep your voice down,
people are praying.

Yes, praying...
How can he have disappeared?
- I'Il report you if he's hurt.
- This is not prison.

Mr. Tozai is not a child,
he go out if he wish.

That's not what we agreed, he was
supposed to stay here day and night.

We gave you a lot of money, now find
him or I'll get this place closed.

Our janitor is friend of Mr. Tozai,
maybe he know where he go.

Hey you!
- Where did you get that suit?
- Old man give me.

Where is he now?
He cry, he say:
"I want go home".

So I take him to train station.
Not Iong, about half hour.
He take train for Scutari.