Leaving Las Vegas

- To a wonderful film. You were great.
- Thank you.

- What a romantic you are.
- To the agency and my little protege.

Bless you.
Thank you, daddy.

Eight years at Berlitz,
that's what you learn?

He learned chin the first month
and then chin-chin.

Am I right?
I can't be clever.
It was really beautiful,
what you guys did.

It was beautiful,
and you guys are great.

I love the food here.
The nicest thing about the film
is that we get to handle guns.

- I had never done that.
- Peter.

- Very rare.
- What?

- How are you?
- Wow. Ben, how are you?

Outstanding, sir.
Excuse me.
Ben Sanderson, Marc Nussbaum.

- Of course.
- How are you?

- Sheila.
- Ladies.

- Hi, Ben.
- Nice to meet you.

I'm a big fan of your writing.
I thought Bay of Pigs was great.

Actually, I didn't write it,
I just got the credit. I was fired.

Didn't I talk to you a couple
of years ago when you both worked...

- at MGM with Laddie?
- That's right, by God.

So are you still at ICM?
- I'm at TriStar.
- You're at TriStar.

- You'll have to say hello to Mike.
- I will.

He's not there anymore,
but I'll hunt him down.

- Can I talk to you, please?
- Sure.

- Please?
- Be right back.

Hold the fort, kiddo.
I have my own office this way.

- What is the matter with him?
- He's sick.

I can't help you anymore.
Do you understand?

This is the last time. I promise.
I just need some cash tonight.

- How are you?
- I lost my credit cards.