Leaving Las Vegas

Three towels in each room
and a complimentary bar of soap.

If you run out of soap,
you can buy an extra bar.

Feel free to use our pool,
but use it at your own risk.

- There are three towels in your room.
- Do you have vacancies?

We do.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Linens are provided for you.
Rooms are $29 a night.

You pay at the beginning of each week.
Maid service is optional.

Maid service is optional.
It costs $3.50 a day.

Feel free to use the pool,
but use it at your own risk.

We don't have a lifeguard.
No kids, no pets and no guests
after 11:00 at night.

You've been provided
with three towels.

We expect when you check out
there will still be three towels.

There's a complimentary
bar of soap.

I walked into the room,
and he was lying on the bed.

He had his arms
behind his head...

and there was
just hair everywhere.

He was really, really fat.
He had a large erection.
I remember he was so proud
of his large erection.

I asked him where my money was,
and he pointed to the dresser.

And then I asked him
what he wanted...

and he said,
"Lie down, I'm on top."

He started pounding me
really hard.

I had to bite my tongue
to keep from crying.