Lord of Illusions

Who's that?
Swann's wife.
I want you to help me help my husband.
I know he's in trouble. It's something
to do with the man you saw murdered.

I think Philip believes
all that stuff with the tarot cards.

And you don't?
I think we make our own futures.
So what's the connection?
I don't exactly know.
Philip doesn't like to talk about the past.

Why not?
He's a secretive man.
And you don't ask questions?
We don't share our lives
the way a lot of people do.

But obviously you still care about him.
We wouldn't be having
this conversation if I didn't.

Swann is one of the most
remarkable men alive.

- Hmm.
- You don't believe me?

He's an illusionist.
It's not exactly brain surgery.

I'm sorry. You asked.
No, uh...
You're right.
He could have been something more.
Maybe a lot more.
But sometimes people get lost.
Even good people.

- Too much money, too much fame...
- Where do I sign up?

Will you take the job, Mr. D'Amour?
- Harry.
- Harry.

When do you want me to start?
Come to the show with me.
It's his last performance in LA tonight.
I want you to see him with an audience.