Lord of Illusions

He could levitate, juggle fire.
And he could... get into people's heads.
Make them see things.
- Terrible things.
- What things?

I don't know.
And he taught some of this to Swann?
Yes, some of it.
So then Swann wasn't
performing illusions.

He was doing magic.
And you thought he should be using it to
cure cancer instead of making millions?

Look, I told you...
I know - too much fame. That'd be enough
to turn anybody's head, including yours.

Oh, fuck you!
You said you weren't with him for love.
- Well, I wasn't.
- Then what?

What the hell was going on here?
- I was grateful to him.
- For what?

Everything I had I owed to him.
And he loved me.
He couldn't always show it, but he felt it.
He thought Nix was
coming back, didn't he?

Didn't he?
I can't help you unless you talk to me!
- You can't help me.
- You don't know that!