Lord of Illusions

You shouldn't have followed me,

How do you do that?
Now I'm gonna have to kill you.
I don't think so.
You need me alive.
Why? So you can fuck the woman I love?
If you love her so much,
why did you widow her?

What a waste.
You can do shit
most of us only dream about,

and you go around
pretending it's just some trick.

Illusionists get Las Vegas contracts,

Magicians get burned.
Yeah, or murdered like Nix.
Oh... he deserved it.
Well, maybe he doesn't feel that way.
Maybe he's digging himself out of
that hole you put him in right now.

That's what you're hiding from, isn't it?
I did it for Dorothea.
Now that I'm dead,
the spotlight's off her.
So Nix won't be looking for her.
I betrayed him.
But she shot him.
Now, if I'm Nix,
that'd piss me off a little bit!

I don't know what else to do.
Help me!
If Nix is back from the dead,
then he is some kind of a god.
And he'll find you
wherever the fuck you go.

But if he's just another phony Messiah,
then you can stage
the greatest comeback in history!